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Pour Over

What is a pour over? Well a pour-over is a method of brewing drip coffee using a paper filter, a Hario V60 and typically a gooseneck kettle. This method of brewing can be difficult to achieve consistent results. It will take a lot of trial and error to master the technique and brew the perfect cup every time.
What you will need:
- Freshly Roasted Coffee
- Filtered Water
- Grinder
- Scale
- Timer
- Gooseneck kettle
- Hario V60 and Filters
- Vessel
- Mug to serve

Total Brew Time: 3:30
Step 1: The Preparation
Measure 25g of coffee and grind them to the consistency of kosher salt. Rinse your pour over filter with hot water and preheat your mug and vessel. Be sure discard the rinsing water. Place the freshly ground coffee into the V60 so that it is evenly dispersed and reasonably level. Once the water has boiled, let it cool to approximately 208 degrees. This is to prevent burning the coffee during the brewing process.

Step 2: The Bloom
Start the timer as you pour in 50g of water. Be sure to wet all your grounds with this first pour. Then let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

Step 3: The First Pour
After 30 seconds, slowly fill the V60 to 200g. Pour in a spiral pattern starting from the middle going outwards. Be careful not to hit the sides of your V60 as you pour. Water that is poured on the sides will travel through the coffee quicker and will result in an under extracted cup.

Step 4: The Second Pour
Around 1:30-2:00 minutes, start your second pour. Using the same method pour the remaining 165g of water in your V60, aim to be finished pouring by approximately 2:30 so the water will finish draining by 3:30.

Step 5: The Enjoyment
Once the water has finished flowing through your V60, decant the coffee into a preheated mug and enjoy! Be sure to make notes on the flavors you taste in your cup. Notice whether the cup is under or over extracted and be sure to adjust your pouring speed next time. As you continue to brew make adjustments to your recipe (one at a time) to brew the perfect cup to your taste and preferences.