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Papua New Guinea Mile High

Alternative Views:

P. N. G U I N E AM I L E H I G H

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Eastern Highlands
Altitude: 1600m, 1 Mile
Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried
Typica, Bourbon, Arusha
Harvest Period:

Whether you call it Papua New Guinea or PNG, it doesn't change the fact that this island delivers some seriously tasty and unique coffees. Much like the name suggests, this coffee is grown exactly one mile above sea level just outside Kainatu in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Indo Pacific coffees are revered for their natural, woody, earthy, and fruity notes that really no other place can offer. The coffee from this farm, that seems more like a garden, goes through a crazy process of fermentation and drying before it is quality assured and shipped out. The communities there are fundamentally built around the production of coffee, and it is as much a part of their lives as the people around them. If you want a taste of their culture this is how you can do it.

This coffee taste like its a part of the country. Rich berry notes accompanied by cedar wood flavor and an earthy nut aftertaste, this coffee is just as pleasant as looking down the lush coastline of the island that it came from. That intensely smooth wood flavor and earthy aftertaste reminds us of how a forest smells after fresh rainfall. We love to roast Indo Pacific coffees for that very reason, it simply takes you to another place. Brew this coffee as a pour over to taste that clean, crisp flavor, then sit, relax, and repeat.

C U P P I N G___N O T E S

Wild Berries, Cedar, Soil, Peanuts, Black Tea, Medium/Light Body, Clean, Crisp, Slight Acidity, Balanced

: $17.00

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