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More than a decade ago, the mayor of Berlin declared, as a call to all the creative types, that Berlin may be poor and run down, but damn is it sexy. “Ist arm, aber sexy”, those are words to live by, and so it is that the mantra of Kreuzberg is “Poor But Sexy”. We tried to channel this mindset when developing our house blend. A mindset that’s gritty, yet cool; a little out there, but smooth and refined at the same time. The district of Kreuzberg in Berlin is known for this lifestyle. They are artsy, creative, and “different” if you will. We love Kreuzberg and Berlin, and for the same reasons, we love our house coffee. It’s a staple of the cafe, of our business, and at the center of our love for the coffee we roast.

A mix of Brazil, Colombia, and Tanzania, Poor But Sexy is a great conglomeration of flavor profiles that come together in perfect harmony. It has coffee from every part of the spectrum. The tame Brazil meets the juiciness of Colombia meets the wildness of Tanzania. It is smooth but edgy, refined but rough, poor but sexy. At the end of the day, all the moving parts come together into a coffee you can drink every day. This is the talisman of Kreuzberg Coffee Company, and we love to serve it every day.

Tasting Notes:

Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Roasted Almonds, Smooth, Creamy, Sweet, Medium Body, Slight Acidity