Arabian Nights with Julie Simon Friday Nov 8 @6PM

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Join chef Julie Simon @ Kreuzberg California for a night of food and drinks
inspred by the intoxicating flavors of the Middle East.

Friday Nov 8 @6PM 


What are these events like?
Our devour events are pop-up dinners where we invite a local chef to cook their food for you! We pair their food with cocktails usually, but also with beer and wine. Devours are sexy, hip and a lot of fun for people of all ages. The seating is family- style so you will meet people and become homies with them. The lights are low, the music is pulsing, and everyone is having a good time. If this doesn't sound fun you probably shouldn't come. 

Do I have to be 21 or over?
Yes this is a boozy event and you must be 21 to attend. However, if you don't drink alcohol let us know via email prior and we'll make virgin drinks for you!

Can I modify the menu to fit my dietary preferences?
Maybe...but not by much much. Devour dinners are pre-fixe, family-style, and are designed to let local chef's have carte blanche when it comes to menu. While we may be able to make a few tweaks, if your dietary preferences are super strict you probably won't enjoy yourself at a devour. Email us prior and we'll let you promises.