PBS Creative Gift Cards

PBS Creative Gift Cards

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We're James and Corinn, owners of PBS Creative, the parent company of Kreuzberg California, Kraken Coffee Co., and Batch Old Fashioned Ice Cream. We've decided to jump on the crowd sourcing bandwagon & are offering a crazy discount on our gift cards to help raise money for our next two locations, both opening in 2019. Basically, you help us by avoiding typical big bank financing (yucky) and we hook you with a sweet deal on your drip coffee, beans, cappuccinos, lattes, breakfast burritos, beer, wine, cocktails, food, catering, and venue spaces. You can buy as many gift cards as you like, and YES, you can use these for corporate events, Batchmobile rentals or holiday parties! 

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being a part of the Poor But Sexy family!

*All orders will include a physical plastic gift card with your dollar amount added. You can either pick up the gift cards at any of our locations, or we'll mail it to you USPS  for free. It may take 1-2 days for processing.