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Our espresso may be roasted a tad darker than our other offerings, but don't think for a second that we roasted the flavor out it. While more traditional espresso may seem smoky, roasted, dark, or otherwise burned, Zeppelin is at the forefront of a new espresso trend that’s voluptuous, juicy, and flavor packed. Its big, its powerful, and it glides across your palate, just like its name-sake. Coming up with an espresso blend is coffee science, all the flavors of each variety you add will magnify once they're ground and pulled through your machine, so masking harsh flavors, pairing tasty ones, and balancing the cup is imperative. 

Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, and a pinch of Papua New Guinea. After hours and hours in the lab, these are the ingredients we decided on to add to our beloved Zeppelin Espresso. It is everything we wanted in an espresso. There is something for everyone in Zeppelin, it’s sweet, it’s chocolatey, it’s fruity, it has a little bit of kick to it. Every coffee we use adds a dimension that not only amps up the flavor, but also complements the one beside it. The berry notes of the Ethiopia goes hand in hand with the chocolate profile of the Brazil, which then goes on to complement the juiciness of the Colombia, which adds just the right amount of citrus so that the espresso isn't boring. Zeppelin is unique, delicious, and a genuine delight, and we’re proud to serve it every single day at Kreuzberg California.

Cupping Notes:

Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Sweet, Juicy, Citric Finish